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Nail Services



Signature Manicure $25

Signature Soak, Cuticle Care Hand Massage, Polish.

Softening Manicure $30

Cuticle Care, Grapeseed Oil, and Purity Cream with hot towel wrap hand massage. 

Walnuts Scrub Manicure $40

Cuticle Care, Walnut Scrub, Grapeseed oil with a hot towel wrap hand massage.

Pamper Yourself Manicure. $55

Cuticle Care, Loved Relieve, sea Salt Soak, Sugar Scrub, Mud Massage butter 10 mins, Polish.

Vegan Manicure $40

Nontoxic Polish Remover, Cuticle care, grapeseed oil, hand salve with hand serum, hand serum, hand massage, spiritual, polish.

Gelicure Manicure + Chrome $65
Gelicure Manicure $45
Gelicure Removal Mini $35
Gelicure Rockstar $55 - $60
Gelicure Fairy Dust $60
Gelicure French $65+
Acrylic/Gel-X Removal + Mini + Polish $40
Acrylic/Gel-X Removal Only $25
Acrylic/Gel-X Removal + Gel Manicure $60


Signature Pedicure $30

Signature Soak, Cuticle Care Foot Massage, Polish. 

Softening Pedicure $40

Cuticle Care, Grapeseed oil, and purity cream with hot towel wrap moisturizing + 5 mins foot massage, polish.

Well Heel Pedicure $45

Cuticle care, callus repair treatment cuticle oil, 5 mins foot massage, polish. 

Walnuts Scrub Pedicure $45

Cuticle Care, walnut scrub with hot towel wrap moisturizing. foot massage, polish.

Pamper Yourself Pedicure $60

Cuticle Care, Lavender relief, sea salt soak, sugar scrub mud, massage, massage butter 10 mins, polish.

Vegan Pedicure $45

Non-Toxic polish remover, cuticle care, grapeseed oil hand salve with hand serum hand massage spiritual polish.

Gelicure Pedicure $50
Gelicure Rockstar Pedi $60
Gelicure Fairy Dust Pedi $60
Gelicure French $60
Pedi Callus $40
Gel X French $90
Gel X With Nail Art $110
Gel X Removal and New Set $80
Polish Change

Polish Change

Mini Manicure $15
Mini Pedicure $15 - $20
Mini Manicure Dazzle Dry $25
Mini Pedicure Dazzle Dry $25
Manicure Polish Change Gel Removal $35
Pedicure Polish Change Gel Removal $40


Acrylic or Gel-X Polish Change care or Shape $45
Acrylic Full Set + Overlay Gel Add-on $75+
Acrylic Full Coffin/Stiletto Gel Add-on $80+
Acrylic Fill Coffin/Stiletto Gel Add-on $70+
Acrylic Removal Gel-X Removal (do a New Set) $10
Gel Builder Extension Tip + Color Add-on $95
Gel Builder Overlay + Gel Add-on $80+
Gel Builder Fullset + Gel Add-on $85+
Gel Builder Fill + Gel Add-on $75+
Gel X Short & Medium $70
Gel X Long $75
Gel X Extra Long $80


Dipping + Removal and Mini $80
Dipping Removal SNS $10
Dipping Extension SNS $75
Color Dipping SNS $65
Natural Overlay + Gel Add-on $75


Nail Art $5+
Nail Art $10+
Nail 5 Colors $5
Nail Fix $10
Rockstar Gelicure 1-2 Nails $6
French Polish/Deep French $20+
Gel Remover $10
Gel Add on $25
Acrylic Cut Down/Shape $5
Extra Long Acrylic Tip $10
Callus Repair Treatment Only $15
Paraffin Treatment $10
Green Tea Mask $10
Sea Salt Scrub $10
Walnut Scrub $15
All Natural Sugar Scrub $20
Massage (10 mins) $15
Ombre $25+


Special Manicure Exfoliating $65

Cuticle care, walnuts scrub + paraffin, green tea mask grapeseed oil, purity cream with hot towel wrap 10 minutes hand massage, polish.

Special Pedicure Exfoliating $85

Cuticle care, callus repair treatment walnut scrub, green tea mask, paraffin, grapeseed oil a hot towel wrap, 10 mins foot massage, polish.

Dazzle Dry


Hard-set nails in 5 mins


Free of formaldehyde TPHP Nitrocellulose and more.


Our products are vegan & never been tested on animals.

Manicure $35
Kid Manicure (Under 8 years old) $15
Pedicure $40
Kid Pedicure (Under 8 years old) $20
Vegan Special Manicure $70

Non-Toxic Polish Remover. Cuticle Care Organic Sugar Scrub Anti-Aging hand salve. Hand serum oil and hot towel wrap. 10 mins hand massage, non-toxic polish.

Vegan Special Pedicure $90

Non-toxic polish remover, cuticle care, and callus repair treatment. Organic sugar scrub. Anti-Aging Hand salve. Hand serum oil and hot towel wrap. 10 mins foot massage, non-toxic polish.

Kid Care (Under 8 years old)

Kid Care (Under 8 years old)

Kid Manicure $10

Trim Nail/Hand Massage Polish.

Kid Pedicure $15

Trim Nail/ Foot Massage Polish.



Eyebrows $15
Chin $10
Lip $10
Face $35
Under Arms $15
Half Arm $35
Full Arm $40
Half Leg $40
Full Leg $50
Just Side Bikini $40
Half Off Bikini $50
All Off Bikini $60
Full Back $60
Lower Back $45
Chest $50
Men Half Arm $40
Men Full Arm $50
Men Half Leg $50
Men Full Leg $60