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Refresh yourself! Try a relaxing 'me-time' at any 'nail salon near me' you can find, but if you haven't found one yet, we recommend PURITY NAIL SALON :(yes, it’s us - and we promise not to let you down!) . You are now reading information on the top nail salon in Studio City  - Purity Nail Salon. A new type of nail salon has emerged. And you're going to adore it!


Want a flawless classic manicure? Maybe an out-of-the-box pedicure? We are your destination. At our Studio City  nail salon, we provide a wide range of cosmetic services for both men and women to ensure that your hands and feet look and feel their best.

We are pleased to provide professional spa services such as manicures and pedicures for both men and women. Who says a man can't have his own spa day?


We specialize on healthy hands. If you want to shape, shine, paint, treat, or simply relax your nails, our nail experts are here to help. Your hands will look and feel fantastic. And believe us, people will notice.
Enjoy some "me time" with one of our best nail technicians and enjoy a little chat or some peace and quiet as you are pampered with all the newest techniques and color trends. Relax and enjoy the complimentary manicure massage. There are literally hundreds of hues to choose from! You'll feel great while your nails are perfectly shaped, buffed, and colored. And with our affordable prices and membership options, it’s easy to fit regular nail care services into your budget.



Signature Manicure $25

Signature Soak, Cuticle Care Hand Massage, Polish.

Softening Manicure $30

Cuticle Care, Grapeseed Oil, and Purity Cream with hot towel wrap hand massage. 

Walnuts Scrub Manicure $40

Cuticle Care, Walnut Scrub, Grapeseed oil with a hot towel wrap hand massage.

Pamper Yourself Manicure. $55

Cuticle Care, Loved Relieve, sea Salt Soak, Sugar Scrub, Mud Massage butter 10 mins, Polish.

Vegan Manicure $40

Nontoxic Polish Remover, Cuticle care, grapeseed oil, hand salve with hand serum, hand serum, hand massage, spiritual, polish.

Gelicure Manicure + Chrome $65
Gelicure Manicure $45
Gelicure Removal Mini $35
Gelicure Rockstar $55 - $60
Gelicure Fairy Dust $60
Gelicure French $65+
Acrylic/Gel-X Removal + Mini + Polish $40
Acrylic/Gel-X Removal Only $25
Acrylic/Gel-X Removal + Gel Manicure $60

Purity Nail Salon - first-rated nail salon in Studio City CA 91604
Purity Nail Salon - first-rated nail salon in Studio City CA 91604
Purity Nail Salon - first-rated nail salon in Studio City CA 91604
Purity Nail Salon - first-rated nail salon in Studio City CA 91604
Purity Nail Salon - first-rated nail salon in Studio City CA 91604

How Do You Want Your Nails To Look?

  • Gel will be your best alternative if you desire a nail design. Gel is most comparable to traditional nail polish, but it lasts longer, thus nail art will appear much more shiny and professional.

  • Dip nails are thicker and so more suited to ombre nail treatments or traditional block colors.

  • Acrylic nails are ideal for experimenting with less opaque designs, such as see-through parts or brighter colors. Acrylics, as opposed to genuine nails, can withstand far more experimentation without destroying your natural nails.


The best-looking feet are well-cared for. Our pedicures will provide your hardworking feet with the unique attention they need, as well as the stunning results you seek.
We think we have produced the most exquisite pedicure in Studio City CA 91604  ! Our private pedicure salon, complete with ultra-luxurious massage spa chairs, provides a relaxing escape from the worries of the day.
If you're getting a pedicure, try not to shave your legs for at least 24 hours beforehand. This decreases your chances of contracting an infection from a contaminated instrument or item used during your service.  If you have cuts, blisters or other injuries prior to getting services, you may want to reschedule your visit with Purity Nail Salon - first-rated nail salon in Studio City



Signature Pedicure $30

Signature Soak, Cuticle Care Foot Massage, Polish. 

Softening Pedicure $40

Cuticle Care, Grapeseed oil, and purity cream with hot towel wrap moisturizing + 5 mins foot massage, polish.

Well Heel Pedicure $45

Cuticle care, callus repair treatment cuticle oil, 5 mins foot massage, polish. 

Walnuts Scrub Pedicure $45

Cuticle Care, walnut scrub with hot towel wrap moisturizing. foot massage, polish.

Pamper Yourself Pedicure $60

Cuticle Care, Lavender relief, sea salt soak, sugar scrub mud, massage, massage butter 10 mins, polish.

Vegan Pedicure $45

Non-Toxic polish remover, cuticle care, grapeseed oil hand salve with hand serum hand massage spiritual polish.

Gelicure Pedicure $50
Gelicure Rockstar Pedi $60
Gelicure Fairy Dust Pedi $60
Gelicure French $60
Pedi Callus $40
Gel X French $90
Gel X With Nail Art $110
Gel X Removal and New Set $80

The Greatest Items

For the greatest look and performance, as well as the longest-lasting beauty, we utilize the most recent products from well-known brands such as OPI, CND, Essie...

We take cleanliness to a new level by not using harsh cleaning chemicals or tools. You will have a cleaner, healthier, and more pleasurable experience that will have you returning to this Studio City  nail salon for more.
If you have a medical history that might cause an allergic response or other difficulties, inform the Purity Nail Salon  technician or cosmetologist.

High Standards of Sanitation

Many clientele prioritize cleanliness and sanitation, and we prioritize it as well. Our first objective is to provide the safest and most pleasant experience possible.
Set aside some time to spend your day with us at this beauty and wellness sanctuary in Studio City CA 91604  soon!


It’s taken me a while to find a place I like in the area and I love this place. Lynn has been doing my nails for a few months now and I have never left without my nails being perfect. "

(5/5 stars -  britanny personeni)

" Absolutely the best in the valley! Ken does my nails every time and I’ve never been disappointed "

(5/5 stars - 
R Karavani)

Lynn is simply the best manicurist I’ve ever worked with. She is gentle and meticulous and keeps my hands and feet looking good and feeling great. She’s also a terrific artist and has been able to give me very original looks when I’ve wanted something special. She has a talent for all of the new and exciting techniques and knows how to use all of the new products. Besides, she is a lovely person to spend time with. "

(5/5 stars -  
Susan Seeger)

So many customers choose to believe at Purity Nail Salon , Let's come to our nail salon to own your trending nails 


12265 Ventura Blvd Unit 109
Studio City, CA 91604

747-203-1059 - 747-388-5678


We look forward to serving you at nail salon 91604

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